The Story of Crew 2 in China -- 12(Done)

Airplane #40-2292 Take off at 0825 (8:25am) Ship Time, Pilot Lt. T. Hoover, Co-Pilot Lt. Wm N. Fitzhugh, Navigator Lt. Carl N. Wildner, Bombardier Lt. Richard E. Miller, Engineer/Gunner S/Sgt. Douglas V. Radney

The Story of Crew 2 in China -- 12(Done)

Postby redwaxberry » April 29th, 2012, 9:10 pm

Remembers With Eternal Gratitude Love

Finally Crew 2 arrived at their destination -- Quzhou Airport. During their stay at Quzhou Air Station, William N. Fitzhugh and Douglas V. Radney had carved their names on the boulder outside of the shelter. 70 years later, the names on the boulder are still easily to recognize. With the help from Li Senlin and other Chinese, Crew 2 could escape from Japanese occupied area and arrive at Quzhou successfully. All the crew members have gone through life and death ordeal in the strange environments. The everlasting memory has become the witness of the cooperation between China and USA during WWII
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Re: The Story of Crew 2 in China -- 12(Done)

Postby Todd Joyce » April 30th, 2012, 7:43 am

Great job and thanks for posting, these were really neat at the 70th Reunion!
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