Kenneth Cecil Bunch

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Kenneth Cecil Bunch

Postby RDM » October 31st, 2012, 5:49 pm

I am currently tracing my family tree and I have a family member with a connection to Doolittle and the Raiders. I am looking for more information on the role he played (if any) in the Raid and his position on the USS Hornet before the Battle of Midway. His name was Kenneth Cecil Bunch. He was my grandfather's cousin (my first cousin, twice removed.) Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?

Apparently, Kenneth was aboard the Hornet when Doolittle launched the raids but he was not one of the crew members. There's a confusing blurb about this on the webpage of his local VFW post in Bussey, Iowa:

Aviation Radioman, 1/c

Entered service March 8, 1938, training at San Diego, California. Overseas with Dolittle’s first Bomber Crew over Tokyo. Lost his life in battle of Midway, June 6, 1942. Decorations: Purple Heart, Air Medal for heroism in Midway battle. On May 29, 1943, a destroyer escort was named the U.S.S. Bunch at Bay City, Michigan in his honor. He was the father of three children.

This small paragraph led me to believe for awhile that Kenneth was one of the Raiders, but now I know this is wrong after more research. I cannot find any info about his connection to the Raids on Tokyo other that he was aboard the Hornet, but there is plenty of info about his role he played in Midway. He was a radioman-gunner during Midway and his Dauntless was shot down by antiaircraft fire after scoring a direct hit on the battleship Mogami. Kenneth and the pilot, Ens. Donald T Griswold, were the last two Americans killed during Midway. In 1943, the Navy named two escort destroyers the USS Bunch and the USS Griswold in their honor.

Does anyone have any tips where I might find more information about Kenny and Donald T Griswold?

BTW, thank you to the webmaster for this wonderful website and for keeping the history of these brave men alive. The remaining Raiders are national treasures.
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Re: Kenneth Cecil Bunch

Postby Todd Joyce » November 1st, 2012, 7:41 pm

You do not indicate his branch of service but I assume he is Navy? All the AAC personnel who traind for the Doolittle Raid are listed on the bottom of the 80 brave men page on the main web site. His name is not listed so he may have been on a task force ship that took the Raiders to their launching point, but he did not train with the Raiders or specifically for the Raid.

THe first thing I would suggest is contacting the Navy Archives and obtaining a copy of his service record and anyone elses you wish to view. This is the first place to begin!

Good luck!
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Re: Kenneth Cecil Bunch

Postby jimmary » December 14th, 2012, 8:55 am

I found that he was a radioman/gunner in a SBD in VS-8 that went down while attacking the two Japanese cruisers on June 6th of the Midway operations. Obviously VS-8 was off the Hornet. ... lBunch.htm
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