Jacob Earle "Shorty" Manch, 0-389941, Lieutenant Colonel


Postby quzhou » August 2nd, 2010, 8:59 am

Lieut. Jack (Stretch) Manch, 6 feet 7 inches tall, one of the tallest men in all of the U.S. Army Air Forces, towers above Corp. Charles Brande at an air base in India. The little Corporal stands a fraction of an inch over five feet, and doesn't expect to grow any more as he is approaching his thirty-eighth birthday. Manch is still a growing boy.
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Re: Manch??

Postby tonystro » August 3rd, 2010, 1:51 pm

I believe this to be Lt. Jacob E. Manch. Following the Tokyo raid, he, along with other raiders, served with the 11th Bombardment Squadron (M) (attached China Air Task Force / 14th Air Force) from the summer of 1942 until approximately 29 May 1943, when he returned to the Zone of the Interior. Insufficient clues to know where the photo was taken.

Related information --

In January 1943 a plan was put in play to provide USAAF medium and heavy bombers (2 squadrons of each) to support the China effort, under Gen Chennault. A group of 25 crews, mostly selected from what remained of the 17th Bm Gp as well as the 12th, were supposed to join up with the Tokyo Raiders. They departed Charleston for Morrison Field, FL, between 15 & 20 Apr 42, picked up new planes and assembled at Morrison Field, FL. Between 1 and 5 May the group, labeled 'Project 157' and under command of Maj. Gordon Leland departed to fly the Southern Route to Karachi, India. They did not know that none of the Tokyo Raid planes were left to join with. Most had arrived at Karachi by May 20th, where they learned the eastern China bases which had been under preparation for their planned missions were being systematically destroyed by the Japanese.

Maj Leland left the eleven planes and crews which were to be the cadre for the 22nd at Karachi and proceeded with the remainder to Dinjan, in the Assam valley northeast of Calcutta. From 1 Jun 42 until 1 Jan 43 the 11th maintained a detachment of 2-3 aircraft and ground personnel at Dinjan, India as a processing unit for newly arrived personnel prior to their movement on to China. The detachment permanently transferred to China in Jan 43, when the rest of the 341st Bm Gp were moved from Karachi to Chakulia , India (22nd, 491st) and Kurmitola, India (490th & 341st HQ).

On 3 Jun 42 (CBI date, 2 Jun in U.S) Maj Leland led six B-25s on a mission to bomb Rangoon, while enroute to Kunming to join the Chaina Air Task Force and set up operations for the Group. Following the attack on Rangoon Maj Leland and both his wing men, flying in very poor weather and in very poor visibility, struck a mountain and exploded in flames. The far left and far right wingmen were able to avoid the mountain, but unable to determine exactly where they were. The spot has never been located. Among these crews were Raiders 1Lt Eugene McGurl (Crew #5), TSgt Omer A. Duquette (Crew #12) , SSgt Melvin Gardner (Crew #11).
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Re: Manch??

Postby james bower » August 3rd, 2010, 8:40 pm

shorty is his nickname and yes that is him.
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Re: 92nd Birthday of Shorty

Postby Mikhail Golovan » December 26th, 2010, 9:04 pm

Happy 92nd Birthday to the late Lt. Col. Jacob E. Manch.
God bless you, "Shorty".
You went away with a Shooting Star as one of the confluence of 80 Brave Men.
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