William Glover "Bill" Farrow, 0-421731, First Lieutenant
Pilot Crew 16

Completed High School and attended two years at University of South Carolina.  Entered service on November 23, 1940 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Completed flight training at Kelly Field, Texas and commissioned as Second Lieutenant July, 1941.  Was captured by Japanese after Tokyo Raid and executed on October 15, 1942 at Kiangwan Cemetery, Shanghai, China.  Decorations awarded posthumously include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart and Chinese Breast Order of Pao Ting.

Born September 24, 1918, Darlington, South Carolina
Executed by Japanese firing squad, October 15, 1942

Lt. Farrow and Sgt. Spatz were executed by the Japanese along with Lt. Hallmark of the 6th bomber on Oct. 15, 1942.

Executed at Kiangwan Cemetery, Shanghai, China
Cremated and remains taken to the International Funeral Home in
Shanghai, China
Discovered after the war stored under the name “H.E. Grande”

Arlington National Cemetery
Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA 22211

Section 12 Grave 157
Interment 1/17/1949

There is another marker for Lieutenant Farrow in a cemetery in
Darlington, SC

Street on Myrtle Beach Air Force Base named in his honor
September 25, 1987

"Don't let this get you down. Just remember God will make everything right and that I'll see you all again in the hereafter. . . . Read "Thanatopsis" by Bryant if you want to know how I am taking this. My faith in God is complete, so I am unafraid."
-- William G. Farrow
from Excerpt from a letter to his mother.

Farrow's life story is told in a book written by his aunt Margaret Meadows Stem, 'Tall and Free as Meant by God'.


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