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The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

Here are some pictures of my father.  Click on the photo for a larger version, hold mouse over picture for a description.


ROJ as a Cadet in training.   Official Military ID Photo.     

My father and his crew having their last night out before boarding the Hornet for the Raid.      Cadet Joyce in training   Dad and some other trainee's on base.

Dad landed this plane after the landing gear failed to open.   Dad in a B-25 at a Raider Reunion.   Cadet Joyce  

Dad's main mode of transportation in India.   General Doolittle speaking at the ROJ memorial air show in Lincoln.   Dad and General Doolittle having a conversation.  

Dad in India after the completion of the raid  

Bottom L-R: Joyce, Jordan, Hallmark and Cole Top L-R: Knobloch, ???, Manch, Griffin and Watson.........????could be Paul Leonard

   Letter from Doolittle to my dad   Letter from Doolittle to my dad   Gen. John J. Pershing to my father...  


Receipt from mess hall on the Hornet just before the raid.   Dad's notes durring the raid   Dad's notes durring and after the raid  

Letter from John J. Pershing to my father.   Letter from Admiral Mitscher to my father.     

Below you will find some pictures of myself and my family relating to the Doolittle Raiders Reunions and other events...

These pictures are from the 60th Reunion in Columbia SC in April of 2002

Me in Ms. Mitchell   My brother Bob (on Left) and I in front of the Raiders Goblets.   My brother Bob's family.  Bob, Casey, Skip & Andy   My brother Bob's Cesna 310 airplane.  Like father, like son...   Me by Bob's Cesna 310

Your webmaster next to a replica B-25         Bob Joyce and his boys, Skip and Andy next to a replica B-25  

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