Edwin V. Bain, 6561290, Master Sergeant
Gunner - Crew 14

Attended Garfield High School, Los Angeles California.  Entered service August 20, 1936.  Graduated Radio Repair and Operator School, Chanute Field, Illinois.  Served in North Africa after Tokyo Raid.  Decorations include Distinguished Flying Cross, Soldier's Medal, Air Medal with two Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, and Chinese Army, Navy, Air Corps Medal, Class A, 1st Grade.

Born September 23, 1917, Greensboro, North Carolina.
Killed in action July 19, 1943

Sgt. Bain was KIA on July 19, 1943 when his plane crashed in the Tyrrhenian Sea while returning from combat mission near Rome, Italy.

Tablets of the Missing
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Nettuno, Italy

A monument was dedicated May 17, 1991 outside the Old Courthouse on Market Street in Greensboro, NC

Chunking, China
May 4, 1942.

Subject: Report on Operation of Upper Turret
To: Brigadier General J.H. Doolittle.

Suggest that a manual charging handle be employed in connection with hydraulic charging units, as hydraulic failure would prevent charging of guns: the operation of removing butt plate and installing manual handle, which requires about three to five minutes, under combat condition would prove very unsatisfactory. The above condition was experienced by S.Sgt. E.V. Bain.

No recommendation other than the above. Reports of previous crews concurred in.

S/Sgt., Air Corps.

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