Eugene Francis McGurl, 0-431648, First Lieutenant
Navigator Crew 5

Attended Arlington High School, Arlington, MA and attended three years of college before enlisting on February 11, 1941 at Boston, Mass.  Completed navigation training and commissioned as Second Lieutenant, December 6, 1941.  Remained in China-Burma-India Theater after Tokyo Raid.  Killed in action on June 3, 1942 when plane crashed into mountain after bombing Lashio, Burma enroute to Kunming, China.  Decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart (posthumous) and the Chinese Army, Navy, and Air Corps Medal, Class A, 1st Grade.

Born February 8, 1917, Belmont, Massachusetts
Killed in Action June 3, 1942
MIA at Lashio, Burma

Tablets of the Missing
Manila American Cemetery
Manila, Philippines

A Memorial plaque was installed at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington, MA on July 27, 1994


Chunking, China,
May 2, 1942.

TO: Chief of Army Air Forces.

MISSION: To depart from carrier off the coast of Japan, proceed to Tokyo, bomb assigned targets, head directly south out to sea (to confuse the enemy), parallel coast of Japan to the Osumi Strait, and at the navigator's discretion proceed to the final destination at Chuhsien. To land, refuel and proceed directly to Chunking with minimum delay.

SOLUTION: Observed time, position, wind direction and velocity given by U.S.S. Hornet navigator. Checked compass by flying over carrier, noting its course and correcting for drift. Proceeded on direct course to Choshi point using dead reckoning, checked by several celestial shots which at the observed time gave excellent course lines. Ground speed was computed from given wind, time and fuel shortage preventing double draft. Estimated time of arrival by computed ground speed. Sun lines disclosed our position north of intended course and necessitated south westerly course to target. Low flying and inaccuracies in representation of topography by Japanese Naval Air Charts made pilotage extremely difficult. Arrived at targets through pilotage and released bombs on Tokyo.

Altered course to approximately 180 and flew five miles abeam of Oshinia Island for a distance of 90 miles. Altered course to parallel Japanese coast line and checked ground speed by sun lines, double drift and check points. Maintained same course to Osumi Strait where we altered course to hit 29th parallel of latitude on 123 of longitude or about 100 miles from China coast. Direct westerly course taken on 29th parallel. No landfall possible due to overcast. Computed E.T.A. at coast and checked same on arrival. Checked ground speed and figured E.T.A. at Chuchow (Chuhsien). Overcast and zero visibility made visual location impossible. Computation alone gave the position and the ruggedness of surrounding country made knowledge of exact position of paramount importance. After parachuting and subsequently locating our place of arrival, our position was checked. Loss of our planes prevented the last leg of the flight to Chunking and therefore required no further navigation.

Adequate equipment and information, aided by the fine teamwork made our eventual arrival at above destination possible.

2nd Lt. - 0-431648
95th Squad. 17th Gp.


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